Limited Edition Notebooks - Mickey/Minnie Mouse

  • The long awaited video of the Moleskine Limited Edition Mickey Mouse notebook has finally arrived. A fast-paced journey from initial sketch to fully-formed character, it zooms in on the creative process, seizing the pen and infiltrating the page.

    Beginning with hand-drawn sketches in stop-motion animation, the narrative unfolds as the forms develop. A few lines become fingers, and then ears, legs and finally the rest of Mickey Mouse's body and features become visible. The sketching switches to a digital technique, in much the same way that Mickey Mouse has travelled from page to screen.

    Produced by Milan-based studio SVPERBE Creative Visionaries, with Vando Studio and Superexpresso, the sketch of Mickey Mouse is captured, and finally, enhanced in digital form. The notebook comes with a tutorial booklet on how to draw Mickey Mouse like an actual Disney artist and features a custom debossing on its cover. Celebrate the art of sketching and storytelling with this pop culture icon and comic strip hero.

    Mickey Mouse is finally reunited with his sweetheart Minnie as our latest Limited Edition notebook follows the Mickey Mouse Limited Edition from earlier this year and welcomes the loveable character's iconic polka dots on its cover.

    The classic notebook changes its spots for the first time: white on red or white on black for a timeless style that goes with every outfit. Strong-minded and fun-loving, Minnie is the perfect companion to take around with you, whether you're out shopping or hanging out with the gang.

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