Limited Edition Notebooks - Simpsons

  • Homer and Bart Simpson join the ranks of the great creative thinkers of our time with their very own Moleskine Limited Edition notebook collection. The classic notebook turns yellow to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the longest-running scripted show in TV history.

    With four different debossings of Bart and Homer on the covers, an illustrated view over Springfield adorns the endpapers, where the familiar "in case of loss, please return to" label remains present. As for the blank pages inside, fill ‘er up. Burger consumption graphs, tracking time taken to swallow every last bite. Ideas noted: "Do I know what rhetorical means?" Sketching technique perfected: "How do you draw a blank?" Drain that can of Duff immediately and concentrate on getting all those thoughts down on paper before you get distra…ooh, more donuts! [Chewing] [Drooling].

    There may or may not be another big surprise following very close behind. All we are going to say for now is; white and see… Available in large or pocket, plain or ruled, yellow or black. Includes Simpsons-themed stickers in the back pocket. Now available exclusively on the Moleskine Store, and in stores worldwide.